Our New Concept

To ensure that the racing car has a chance of winning the MDH Solar Team has developed a brand new concept. This concept have been carefully designed with aerodynamics, weight and the regulations in mind. The results is the vehicle that will take us to the finish line in Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2017. 

The vehicle has a weight of less than 200 kilograms and will have one of the best silicon photovoltaics on the market covering the top. The carbon fiber body and the aluminum chassis have been carefully designed by the team to ensure sleek aerodynamics and to minimize the weight of the vehicle further. 

The new concept was developed after "Concept 1". This concept was designed with ideal aerodynamics in thought. As the mechanical properties and photovoltaics were further developed, design changes needed to be made to the body of the car. The changes was made and the new concept was born.