First aid and CPR


Our Safety Officer and First Aid Officer are the first to get first-aid education.

If we need to practice our knowledge, the likelihood is that it will be outdoors in Australia. Therefore, we chose to study outside the school to get a reasonably realistic picture.

Winner of solar bag

Congratulations to number 24! You are the winner of the solar bag from EnergiEngagemang that is being given away from our release of MDH Solar Car. You can find your number in the goodiebag with a photo of the whole team on the front.

Do you have number 24? Write a comment here or contact project manager Johanna Colling on email:

Kanthal - Part of Sandvik Group

We would like to thank one of our most important partners, who with great dedication supports our project. As the worlds leading company in industrial heating technology, Kanthal - Part of Sandvik Group helps their customers all over the world to provide solutions about industrial heating with emphasis on expertise, partnership and innovation. A philosophy that goes well with MDH Solar Team. We are very proud to partnership with a company like this. Thank you Kanthal - Part of Sandvik Group, for helping us get closer to the finish line!

Have a look at their website to learn more about them!